Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home again, home again...

Well, as many of you already know, Matt and I returned home in June/July. We learned many things while we were away, and would recommened to anyone to visit a tropical island in their lifetime! It is amazing how many times I read something island related and have such a clearer understanding now.

Tokelau, being so isolated is only for the 'Hard Core', (a quote from a Fakaofo screen printed T-shirt that I saw while on the atoll!), for the less hard core I suggest a nice holiday in Rarotonga, or Fiji!!!

When doing a volunteer stint it is important to 'keep it real' and not go into things with too many expectations of changing or improving anything. What will be will be. If you manage to bring about positive change then well and good and if you don't, then at least you tried! 'God loves a trier!' Sometimes people just don't want change.

Those of us who are teachers know that at times, change means a lot more extra work, and that can definately put people off! Over time the extra work becomes second nature and the kids benefit tremendously.

I wish future VSA volunteers in Tokelau the best of luck, and make sure you pack more than the usual amount of 'hard core' in your luggage!

Over and out.