Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Story: Our daily walk to school

Walking under the beautiful canopy towards the happy hum of the diesel generator...

Looking up to the nearly always blue sky; its like a botanical garden.

The paths that get swept every morning...

...its the never-ending job to keep the jungle caged.

These diesel drums were squashed by the digger
and buried under the road above.

The rubbish dump with the school behind.
Note the solar panels. They are a trial run for an
island wide sustainable power project.

This slightly worn path is now 'paved' with brilliantly white coral sand.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily the kids
run around on the coral gravel.

Time to bless the new digger that will start
work on the new school buildings.
Let's all give the kids a coke!


Moturoa said...

What better way to start a project than to be on a sugar high.

The solar panels will be a great idea- hope it works.


Andrea said...

Loving your Blog Fiona. Its great how you don't just give a sunshiney story. I sent the link to a couple of teaching friends who I thought would relate to some of your comments on literacy. Hope that is okay.

Hope your trip home works out. You look great. Life is way different from our London days!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos !...

Ciao from Italy

Geoff said...

We were in Fakaofo a couple of years ago. my husband was the doctor and I taught Year 5. Interesting to hear that the education front is still much the same (sigh) so much potential! big hello to Tiressa, Ianeta, Te Ata, Rheece, Olysha, Hainema, Lehei, and Uele

From Lipeka

Maybe they'll remember the words to 'lean on me.'and sing you a song.

Fievels said...

Hi Lipeka,
I think I heard of you. Did you have a couple of kids there with you?
I agree, so much potential. The kids are gorgeous aren't they?! Just waiting for their minds to be filled with knowledge. Tricky though when the teachers don't turn up until 10am or not at all... although sometimes I think that being able to simply not go to work on any random day would be wonderful!!!

wkid967 said...

Hello from Clearwater Florida USA! Great Blog!!!! Looks like a beautiful country!!! i would love to visit there if it was not like 5000 miles away from me.
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