Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting closer...

Well, the Xmas holidays have started! Last week I resigned from my job. It was a bit sad, but lessened by the fact that I'll be keeping in touch with so many people and my class can keep in touch through this blog. We had a lovely end of year lunch, with great food and many kind words said.

In Tokelau, if a couple want to live together they must be married. We are awaiting confirmation on whether simply being engaged will be enough, or if we too will have to get married. This meant that on Thursday night, along with celebrating the end of school, we were celebrating my 'engagement' to Matt! There was lots of dancing to be done!

Over the past two days I have cleared out my classroom. This took a lot longer than normal due to the fact that I didn't want to store useless resources that I hadn't used in the past two years. Lots of recycling was done! As I locked up the school for the last time I felt very positive about my time at the school and how good it was to leave on such a positive note and to be off on such a big adventure with VSA.

Now we just have to get through Xmas, pack up our house and make sure we don't miss our flights to Samoa in January!

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