Friday, January 16, 2009

Signing our lives away!

Well, our contracts have finally arrived, they've been signed and we'll be posting them back soon. We fly next Friday to Samoa for 11 days before going on the long boat journey to Fakaofo.

While in Samoa we will be organising our Tokelaun bank accounts, gettings visas and making sure our freight gets on the same boat we do. We're excited about seeing the sites around Apia, and attending the week long Principals' Conference. It will be great to meet some of the other Volunteers and put faces to names.

The boat trip to Tokelau is likely to be very crowded; with school holidays finishing soon and the volunteers and other staff from the school all needing to return to the atolls.

We really hope that we haven't forgotten anything important in our boxes that we shipped off earlier this week! By the time we get to Tokelau and realise, it will be too late... at least for another six months when we'll have our first break in Samoa.

Over and out for now... the next post will be from Samoa!


teachernz said...

Good luck, safe journey and keep us updated when you can. A few years ago we had a visit at school from someone who was teaching in Tokelau, she loved it and it looked like a fantastic place.

Swaggie said...

Good on the both of you. May you have a great adventure, make some lifelong friends and provide the children of Tokelau with inspiration to rise above the 4 metre mark.

Fievels said...

Thanks Dad (Swaggie)... glad you became a follower! Will keep you all posted as regularly as I can... although last year I hear the internet went down for two months! Love you!