Monday, January 26, 2009

Apia, Samoa

After arriving in Samoa at 2am we caught a taxi to our hotel. The heat was humid and a ‘cool’ 25 degrees… Over the last few days we have been slowly acclimatising to the oppressive humidity and heat, with lazy book reading, relaxing snorkelling and the occasional ‘slow dash’ to the shops to browse for items we might need in Tokelau.

The first item we have bought is an umbrella… I have never experienced as much rain as we have had so far in Samoa. Just when you think the rain on the corrugated iron roof can’t get any louder it goes up a few decibels! The rain is always a welcome relief, it freshens the air.

My favourite thing so far has been the snorkelling, followed a close second by Apia market.

For the past two days we have been to Vaiala Beach to fight the strong currents out to the reef. Once out past the strong currents it was so worth it! I can think of at least 15 different types of fish we saw, not to mention the electric purple starfish!

At the market it seems like every stall sells the same items. Taro, coconuts, copra, taro, coconuts, copra, bananas, taro, coconuts and copra! Each stall has a few people working on it and they all just sit about in the heat chatting. I can’t wait to go on our big vege buying shop the day before catching the boat to Tokelau.

Today we met the principal from Nukunonu. He suggested we get a contact in Apia to send us fresh fruit and veges on the fortnightly boat to Tokelau. He also told us that the women on Atafu and Fakaofo have created a bakery, so we will not have to bake our own bread! It is great to get tips from the locals, as up till now we have been the blind leading the blind!
I have set up a wikispace-wishlist so that you can all send us parcels of treats!

It may be wishful thinking, but here’s hoping!

This week we have a conference, but we have just heard that the people arriving from Tokelau will not be able to make it, so it will be postponed until another time… We will still have some meetings however, as there are some other new teachers starting, and there are some others from Tokelau who have returned from their holidays in New Zealand for the conference also.

Anyway, I’m off to look up some sites on things to do in Samoa! Happy holidays!


Heheboy said...

Sounds like a good start to your adventures. I'm sure we'll get something away for you from your wish list ... how do you pronounce that? hmmm

Fievels said...

Hi Heath, thanks! That'd be great! I might keep you two as my 'in-schools' link to Kiwi resources!!! We 'conference' each day until 12pm, then the afternoons are ours! Went swimming at the waterfall yesterday, snorkeling on the reef today... It's a hard life!

Graham said...

Gosh Fievels that sarong looks a lot like your mums

Fievels said...

Yes Graham.... she gave it to me! Wanna send through some more?!!! Don't forget to post the monthly care packages to us! We will wait by every boat in hope!